Stem Cell Transplant

AUTOLOGOUS ADULT stem cell transplant involves collecting adult stems cells, incubating them and re-injecting them back into the body. These adult stem cells will repair and replace the damaged cells in the damaged or aged nerves, tissues or organs of the body and rejuvenate them.

The adult stem cells could be extracted either from the bone marrow and the adipose tissue or peripheral veins. Of the three, the adipose tissues are the richer sources and the most accessible. They also contain a specialized class of adult stem cells made up of multiple cell types that promote healing and repairmen.

Adipose or fat adult stem cells have been shown to differentiate themselves into multiple cell types including muscle, heart, bone, fat, cartilage, and nerve cells.

The major advantages of getting the adult stem cells from the adipose tissues are:

  • Performance. A therapeutic dose of regenerative cells can be extracted and isolated from the fat tissue in just one hour even without cell cultivation;
  • Safety. Patients receive their own cells (autologous-use) so there is no risk of immune rejection or transmission; and
  • Versatility. Stem cells from adipose tissue benefit from multiple mechanisms-of-action.

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