Pulsating Magnetic Fields

The magnetic fields produce biochemical, cellular, tissue and systemic effects. In the biochemical field we find the following fundamental effects:

  1. Deviation of particles with electric charge in motion.
  2. Production of induced currents, intra and extra-cellular.
  3. Piezoelectric effect on bone and collagen.
  4. Increase in the solubility of different substances in water.

In the cellular field, the effects indicated in the biochemical field determine the following effects: General stimulation of cellular metabolism and normalization of altered membrane potential.

Stimulus in the synthesis of the energy that the organism requires for its function at the cellular level, favoring in this way cellular multiplication, protein synthesis and the production of prostaglandins (anti-inflammatory effect).

On the other hand, there is a stimulation of the ionic flux through the cell membrane, especially of the Ca ++, Na + and K + ions.

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