Neuronal Magnetic Stimulation

Neuronal magnetic stimulation (MNE) is a non-invasive technique. The method consists of stimulating the brain in a directed and focused way, through magnetic pulses on the skull, which cross the unchanged tissues, generating an induced current producing the depolarization of the neuron.

The basic mechanism of the operation of the technique is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, discovered by M. Faraday in 1831, a rapidly oscillating magnetic field as a function of time is capable of inducing electrical responses in a near conductive tissue, in this case cerebral cortex. The EMTr team consists of a power source to charge a bank of large capacitors that quickly discharge their energy into a coil generating a pulsating magnetic field

Effects of rTMS.

  • Gene induction: Long-term potentiation or inhibition
  • Changes in cerebral blood flow
  • Production of neurotrophic factors.
  • Neuroprotective effect by reducing damage caused by neuronal oxidative stress.


Electromagnetic waves cause changes in neuronal polarization and a marked improvement in the quality of the neurotransmitter fluid as well as a restoration of the endocrine system.

Benefits: Clinical improvement from the first session on migraines, depression and insomnia. Average therapeutic sessions are 7.

The MNC: is to enrich the elements of treatment in Regenerative Medicine and offers the patient the benefit of this therapy.

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