Autologous Vaccines

​Autologous vaccines developed in urine or blood of the same patients, stimulate the body’s defenses against different diseases, allergic, autoimmune cancer, and slow down aging by increasing the response of the immune system.

Our immune system provides a dynamic and protective system against diseases caused by pathogens foreign to the body and abnormal body cells. In cancer, cells are essentially normal cells of the body that have accumulated mutations and therefore cannot function properly.

Tumor vaccines usually contain proteins contained or produced by cancer cells. By administering these proteins and other agents that affect the immune system, the vaccine treatment seeks to involve the patient’s own defenses in the fight against cancer cells. Immunotherapy is a new field in the treatment and prevention of cancer, so several strategies are currently being examined in clinical trials.

The antigen that is obtained from blood or urine acts as an immunomodulator preventing the formation of new autoantibodies; as a result the clinical improvement of the patient is evident.

In the case of urine the cell behaves like an embryo with angiogenic capacity; from the beginning of the condition the patient eliminates in the urine a peptide fraction of a short chain of amino acids, which we will use to initiate the specific immunotherapy for each type of tumorigenic;

Treatment each of the clinical trials leads us to medicine by clinical evidence of results, without risk to the patient, without side effects and without iatrogenic pathology.

These vaccines are developed in specialized laboratories to ensure the purity and quality of the vaccine.

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