Therapeutic lasers action mechanism. The photonic energy of a laser radiation is absorbed by a cell in its respiratory chain.

Visible light action mechanism. Visible laser light induces a photochemical reaction, that is, a direct activation of induction of enzyme synthesis.


Therapeutic effects of low and medium power laser radiation: the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative or biomodulating, inhibitory, acupuncturizing and drug absorption or ion exchange enhancer effect are described in the literature.


Aesthetic cavitation, the trapped fat is emulsified converted to liquid and then, naturally, it is expelled from the body by the lymphatic system, that is, through the urine. Unlike other methods known as liposuction, this is not a surgical technique.


Radiofrequency is a technique that corrects skin texture, sagging and volume, stimulates fibroblasts through intradermal heat, achieving the regeneration of collagen and improving the tissues and elasticity of the skin.


Ultrasonic treatment means the use of sound vibrations in the non-audible spectrum, for therapeutic purposes (ESPECIALLY TO TREAT INFLAMMATION).


It is a non-invasive alternative to conventional mesotherapy, which is why it has been erroneously called "virtual mesotherapy or without needles" (painless procedure) and that allows the introduction of drugs in a localized manner.

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